Admission module

Gone are the days where admission management was the most tedious job in schools/colleges. Our admission module can reduce clerical & repetitive work, wherein students can fill admission form online. No more waiting in queue for fees payment while taking admission, parents can pay fees online via their mobile phone, desktop or laptop. Administrator can get a gist of admission process with just a click. Admission process goes on for a long period of time due to the manual work. But with DIGIMKEY one can save the process time upto a greater extent.

Automated Attendance tracker

Monotonous task of taking attendance at school can be performed easily with the help of DIGIMKEY-TEACHER APP. Attendance reports can be generated with just a few clicks.Administrator/principal can track everyone's attendance on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

Online Assignments

Teachers can notify parents regarding assignments/homework, which inturn help them track their child's performance at school. Students can also receive the notification regarding their own assignments with a certain deadline set by the teacher.

Online Fees Payment

Helps office staff in managing students fees, also helps in keeping track of accounts in just one glance. Parents can pay fees online via their mobile phone, desktop or laptop. Fee reports of your institute can be generated according to your own criterias.
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Syllabus tracking

Syllabus tracker is a tool which can used to track which topics are already covered in a particular subject in a class. Also it helps students to keep a track of which topics they have missed at school/college.

Transport module

Real-time bus tracking system, with an Add-on feature of child tracking for their safety and security. Parents can check whether the child is inside the bus or not. Students' boarding and alighting time is also marked with the help of our IOT device.

HR management

Staff management expertise can lead to a sustainable results in performance. HR management is the source to manage your staff effectively and efficiently without any major efforts. Administrator can pay salaries online, track staff's attendance, also can analyze their performance. This system not only helps in managing staff, will also help you take administrative decisions more quickly and effectively..

Online Leave Application

Parent’s can send leave application via mobile app to the respective teacher seeking permission for their child. .

Exam Management

The most complex part which is rather very difficult to maintain and record are exams.Our system helps you create, manage and update exam reports with ease.

Automated Time-Table

Generate time-table for entire school/collegewithout any brainstroming.System will generate all the lectures according to conditions given by user.

Event Management

Add, delete, update and manage all your eventswith event manager module.Get notifications about the upcoming events and send notifications to others.

Library Management

Library management is a sub-discipline of institutional management that focuses on specific issues faced by libraries and library management professionals. Library management encompasses normal managerial tasks, as well as intellectual freedom and fundraising responsibilities.